Special 2021 Covid-19 Guidelines. Please read entire Guidelines carefully.

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Important Dates


January 1, 2021

Registration Opens

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February 15, 2021

Registration Closes 

February 28, 2021

Competition Results



The competition is open to all pianists age 18 and under. All contestants will compete in two divisions determined by their age. 

Junior Division: Ages 10 – 14

Senior Division: Ages 15 – 18

Age requirements apply to applicant’s age as of February 28, 2021.



Preliminary Round: Online video submission by registration deadline. 

Cancelled - Final Round: Live performance at Arizona State University

School of Music, Katzin Concert Hall. 

50 E. Gammage Parkway, Tempe, AZ 85281


Winners in each division will receive an award certificate and a cash award in the amount of:

Juniors                           Seniors             

1st Prize: $500                1st Prize: $800   

2nd Prize: $300               2nd Prize: $500  

3rd Prize: $200                3rd Prize: $300  

Honorable Mention: $100 (Both divisions) 

  • Honorable Mentions will be awarded at the discretion of the jury. 

  • In addition to the cash awards, first prize winners of both divisions will be featured in a Winners' Recital at Katzin Concert Hall at Arizona State University at a later date in Fall 2021. 

Repertoire Requirements

Junior Division - 15 minutes maximum

At least TWO (2) stylistically contrasting pieces representing two different periods of music history from the standard published classical repertoire for solo piano.


Senior Division - 20 minutes maximum

At least THREE (3) stylistically contrasting pieces representing three different periods of music history from the standard published classical repertoire for solo piano.



General Rules

  • No original compositions and improvisations are permitted.

  • Repeats may be taken or omitted at the performer’s discretion; cuts are not permitted.

  • Only complete, unabridged solo piano works in the original form and key will be accepted; no concertos, or arrangements may be used.

  • Transcriptions by composers such as Liszt, Busoni are acceptable, but please submit their names to the committee before you commit yourself, so that the Competition maintain its level of artistry.

  • Individual movements of multi-movement works that can be performed as musical units are permitted.

  • All performances are to be from memory and must stay within the time guidelines listed above.

  • While no minimum performance time is required, the chosen program must be representative for its age division and demonstrate variety of style, tempo, and character.

  • The jury reserves the right to stop a performance if it exceeds the time limit for the respective division.

  • In case of high volume of applicants, the jury reserves the right to cut performances off during the competition.

  • No repertoire changes allowed after registration closes on February 15, 2021.

Application Procedure


  • All applicants must submit complete application at by the deadline February 15, 2021. Application page will be closed at midnight.

  • A non-refundable $30 application fee must be paid at the time of application submission.

  • No late applications will be accepted.

  • A confirmation message will be sent once the complete application is received.

  • Individual performance times along with competition day details will be emailed to each applicant by February 22, 2021.

  • For questions and clarifications of repertoire requirements and for any other questions, please email to




Online Video Submission Guidelines


  • Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there will be a preliminary round based on video recordings for the 2021 competition. 

  • The competition decision will be made by all jury members. The results of the competition will be announced on February 28, 2021. 

  • All repertoire must be recorded in one continuous take with no post-editing. 

  • A YouTube video link of the contestant's performance should be submitted in the application. Please ensure the link is functional and unrestricted for the jury members to view starting February 16, 2021 through February 22, 2021. 

  • All videos must be uploaded by registration deadline February 15, 2021. 

  • Non-functional links and/or videos uploaded after the registration deadline will result in automatic disqualification. 

  • Contestants are encouraged to submit videos of high sound/video quality. 

  • Conventional dress code for public performance is expected in video recording. 

General Regulations


  • All contestants should bring one published score AND two additional photocopies of each piece from the chosen repertoire on the day of the competition. Contestants without the required scores may be disqualified. 

  • No video or audio recording is allowed at the competition.

  • No contestant, teacher, parent, or audience member should approach the jury members at any time during the competition.

  • Each contestant, their teacher, and parents must abide by all requirements and deadline. Non-compliance will result in disqualification.

  • Contestants may not reveal their names or their teachers’ names to the jury.

  • Contestants are expected to dress appropriately and to conduct themselves at all time in a professional manner.

  • All decisions by the jury are final.

Special Covid-19 Guidelines


  • Live Final Round will be closed to the public.

  • Only contestants will be allowed in the green room area on the day of the Final Round. All contestants must follow CDC guidelines. 

  • Only jury members will be allowed in the concert hall during the Final Round. 

  • Live stream of Final Round performances will be available. The link for the live stream will be shared with all contestants. 

  • Given the uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic, some of the jury members might be remotely judging the Final Round due to travel and/or health restrictions.